Friday, October 19, 2007

DragThing 5.9 ute

DragThing är ungefär det första jag installerar på en ny Mac så när en ny version kommer ut är det alltid värt att uppgradera.

  • You can now finally insert and rearrange items in docks without needing to make space first!
  • You can now drag URLs and other data directly onto application icons in docks.
  • Added an option to draw reflections for dock icons.
  • Added a new dock theme, "Panthera Pardus", which is now the default DragThing look on Leopard.
  • Added two new dock themes, "Heads Up" and "Ghost", to match the HUD windows on Leopard.
  • Added support for live document icon previews in docks on Leopard.
  • Added support for previewing many more kinds of documents using Quick Look on Leopard.
  • Added support for showing EXIF data for photos when previewing.
  • Added support for "Secure Empty Trash" on Leopard.
  • Added support for the F17, F18 and F19 function keys on the new keyboards.
  • Added support for copying and pasting clipping items via AppleScript.
  • Added an option for spring-loaded applications, for switching applications while dragging.
  • Added an option to show the hot keys for a dock item on the icon or as part of the name.
  • Added an option to turn off font smoothing for dock text.
  • Added Leopard style tooltips and other user interface elements.
  • Text clipping item names now automatically update to reflect contents, unless changed manually.
  • You can now temporarily disable "Hide other applications when switching" using the Caps Lock key.
  • Improved preview of images with transparency.
  • Moved contextual menu commands into a "More" submenu for folder and disk items.
  • Fixed a drawing problem when rearranging tabs by option-clicking and dragging.
  • Fixed a problem creating shortcut files when dragging URL items to the Finder.
  • Fixed a problem adding some background apps to the exclusion list for the Process Dock.
  • Fixed a memory leak related to custom ColorSync display profiles.
  • Fixed a number of problems on Leopard.
  • This is a free upgrade for registered users of DragThing 5.

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