Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Mer om Parallels Desktop

Jag har nu en Windows 2000-maskin med 192MB minne och en eComStation-maskin med 96MB minne på min mac-kärra. Jag har inte fått igång nätverket i eCS ännu men jobbar på det.

Paralells Desktop är riktigt bra!

Uppdatering: jag tror det kommer gå ganska bra med nätverket i eCS imorgon, jag läste på lite och hittade vad det är för virtuell hårdvara Parallels Desktop presenterar:
Each virtual machine behaves as though it’s a PC with the following components:
* an Intel Pentium processor;
* a generic motherboard compatible with Intel i815 chipset;
* up to 1500 MB of memory;
* monitor with VESA 3.0 support. After a new virtual machine is just created, its monitor resolution will be either 640x480 or 1024x768 (VGA and SVGA). Later you will have the opportunity to either install Parallels Tools with a video driver in Windows, or set your own screen resolution;
* a floppy drive (mapped to an image file);
* up to four IDE disk drives. These can be either virtual hard drives (from 20 MB up to 128 GB each, in the form of hard drive image files) or CD/DVD-ROM drives (mapped to either actual drives or image files);
* Ethernet network card compatible with RTL8029. Parallels Desktop supports bridging to wireless networking adapters;
* up to four serial (COM) ports (each mapped to a socket or to an output file);
* up to three bi-directional parallel (LPT) ports (mapped to output files);
* a standard PC keyboard;
* a PS/2 scroll-wheel mouse.

Network Driver Installation
Below we consider the installation of the Realtek RTL8029 driver inside the OS/2 Warp version 4.0.
1 Click the System Setup icon on the system panel.
2 Click the MPTS Network Adapters and Protocol Services icon to open the Multi-Protocol Transport Services window.
3 Click Configure.
4 In the Configure window that opens, click Configure again to open the Adapter and Protocol Configuration window.
5 Click the Other adapters button below the Network Adapters section of the window to open the Copy Additional Network Adapter Drivers window.
6 Specify the path to the Parallels driver on CD-ROM disc image. The path should be:
7 Click OK. The Parallels network adapter driver will be copied. After this you can see the name RTL8029 PCI Ethernet Adapter included in the Network Adapters list. Select this name.
8 Click Change in the Network Adapters section of the window to change the current network adapter into the selected one.

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