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Readme för eCS 2.0

=== eComStation 2.0 GA Release README ===

Thank you for purchasing eComStation 2.0.


eComStation 2.0 has all the features you are used to from previous
versions of eComStation plus both major and small improvements.

To list a few:

- ACPI enables you to use modern systems with multiple CPU's.
and allows hardware that needs ACPI to manage it to work.
- The bootable JFS file system gives your eComStation a major
performance increase and allows applications and the Operating
System to load much faster.
- The Panorama video driver enables eComStation to work with just
about any video card.
- Improvements in network support with include more NIC drivers
and drivers for WiFi chip set. Support with the Samba protocol
to access shared network drives.
- Major improvements in the installer to support virtual machines
such as VirtualBox, Virtual PC etc.
- Support for booting and installing from USB-attached CD drives.
- Better support for modern hardware while preserving support for
legacy devices.
- Major improvement in audio support with the updated UNIAUD driver
- Support of hard disks up to 2 TB.

A complete overview of all new features and updates can be found at


The following eComStation 2.0 versions are available:

- eComStation 2.0 Home & Student
- eComStation 2.0 Business Edition
- eComStation 2.0 Server Edition

The Home & Student version can be used by any private or small
office user. As a private or small office user, you are allowed
to have up to 5 licenses installed for production usage. If you
need to install more than 5 licenses, you are required to purchase
the Business Edition.

The Server Edition is based on the Business Edition and adds the
IBM Warp Server for eBusiness components to offer a full
professional server environment for your business.


Documentation available on this CD:

[ eComStation Quick Installation Guide ]

Located on CD: \QCKGUIDE.PDF

This Quickguide is intended to help you get started installing
eComStation 2.0 on your computer or in a virtual machine.
The information in the Quickguide is intended to help you prepare
to install eComStation 2.0 on your system. It provides information
you may need to boot the installation CD and to get the graphical
installer loaded and running.

We especially recommend that you read Chapter 1 of the Quickquide
if you are installing to a large disk drive.

[ Online help ]


The online help provides detailed help for the graphical installer
and various post-installation tasks. The online help Contains the
following chapters;

Chapter 1. Installation
Describes how to install eComStation 2.0 using either the Easy or
Advanced installation method. Explains how to handle a migration
from a previous OS/2/eComStation version.

Chapter 2. What's Next?
Talks about adding support for several hardware items and will touch
briefly on the installation of additional applications.

Chapter 3. Getting Connected
Explains briefly how to get connected to the Internet and your Local
Network. Also contains tips on networking within a Windows/Linux

Chapter 4. Getting Involved
Describes some ways you can help to support the development and
evolution of eComStation.

Chapter 5. LVM
Describes in detail the usage of the LVM programs in eComStation.


Please refer to the Quick Installation Guide chapter 5 for hints
and tips, FAQ and support options.

Online support is available via


This product is provided as a downloadable ISO file, this is a raw CD
image that you can burn on CD-R media. For instructions on burning
the CD image to CD please consult the PDF document "howtoburncds.pdf"
available in the same directory as the ISO files.

Alternatively you can purchase an eComStation 2.0 media pack from your
favorite reseller. For a list of resellers please refer to


eComStation 2.0 requires a registration key for installing. This
registration key is part of the eComStation 2.0 purchase and is
available digitally to be imported during the installation process.

When the installation is finished you can use the icon "Register
Online" icon on the desktop to make sure your copy is registered at in order to receive support and updates.

(c) 2001-2009 Serenity Systems International
(c) 2010 Mensys B.V.


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